Fields of expertise

EPC Contractor

Entrepose Contracting is an international operator in onshore oil and gas infrastructure for production, processing, storage and shipping, able to also carry out projects in other energy sectors and other industries such as water treatment (pumping stations).

It operates turnkey – from pre-project engineering to start-up and even maintenance – on installations in the energy sectors around the world.

A portfolio of specialist skills

Building up excellence

Based on its in-house resources and/or through its subsidiaries, the company also provides its clients with a portfolio of specialist skills: the ability to manage complex projects; engineering within its in-house design offices through Entrepose CMPEA and Entrepose Istana Karang Laut, supported by the contributions and expertise of Entrepose IKL in Asia; the supply chain management within the Entrepose Services network; manufacture of specialist items (roof segments, risers, storage spheres, etc.) using the expertise of Entrepose Industries in Dunkirk; and lastly, construction and commissioning operations drawing on the experience of its works teams.

Where required, Entrepose Contracting can also assist in seeking to obtain funding at an early stage in any project.

Prestigious references

Proven expertise on complex projects

Entrepose Contracting’s ability to manage projects and all corresponding interfaces, regardless of complexity, scale and on-site constraints, has enabled the company to conclude prestigious contracts on every continent and at every latitude.